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there for awhile like a post. Then gradually he
would begin slightly to bend his knees and draw
them up again, and after awhile each bend of the
knees would take the form of a short jump.
These jumps would keep increasing in length
until finally he would be leaping around and
around the four poles with startling speed,
resembling some ghostly post bobbing up and
down through the air so fast that the eye could
hardly follow him.

Then, suddenly, with a huge leap, so quickly
executed that no one could see how he made it,
he would dart through space and land with a thud
in the one-foot clearing in the centre of the area
of sharp pegs. He had leaped six feet over these
dangerous spikes and-landed safely in the little
clearing, which was just big enough to hold his
two feet—truly a remarkable exploit in Itself.

But he has not yet started the real thrilling part
of the ceremony.

As he stands there in the centre under the poles,
still bound securely, he commences to sing his
medicine song, accompanied by the throbbing
boom of the big medicine-drum in the hands of
his assistant.

What I am going to describe now may seem
strange; it is strange, but it is exactly what
happens. How and why, no one knows.

Presently, as the medicine-man stands there